Sheet Products Frequently Asked Questions

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fold faq What type of sheet-fed products are offered by MACtac®?

Starliner® - premium pressure sensitive sheet products for offset or digital printing.

Metro® - economical pressure sensitive sheet products for offset printing.

Starliner® Labels
Pre Die-cut Labels for offset printing
Laser and offset labels
Desktop and copier labels
High speed laser labels
Inkjet labels

fold faq Where are MACtac sheet-fed label products used?

Packing Labels
Primary Package Labels
Shipping Labels
Name Badges
Point of Purchase

fold faq Is there a Microsoft® Word template available for MACtac sheet-fed labels?

Yes. To use the templates provided by Microsoft follow these directions:1.) In Microsoft Word choose "Tools" from the menu bar


2.) Click on "Letters & Mailings", "Envelopes & Labels"

3.) On the label tab click the "Options" button

4.) Under "Label Information" set the "Label Products" field to "Other/Custom"

5.) Then scroll down the list to MACtac and choose the product number for your label of choice. Most standard MACtac labels are listed.

6.) If your product number is not listed, choose the MACtac number with the same dimensions. You may have to adjust the margins a little but this is a good starting point.

fold faq Does MACtac provide MSDS data for sheet-fed label products?

Yes. To download a general MSDS please click here.

fold faq Are MACtac sheet-fed label products

Usually yes. If you would like compliance information for the following specifications:

Toy safety

Please click here and fill out the "Contact Us" form. Please specify the compliance information you need in the product of interest field. It is important you provide your name, company name, address, MACtac product number you need information on, and a valid fax number. MACtac does not e-mail letters of compliance. If you do not provide a valid fax number the letter will be mailed via USPS.

fold faq How do I order MACtac sheet-fed label products?

MACtac sells sheet-fed labels through fine paper merchants. If you are a fine paper merchant and would like to place an order please call customer service at 800-321-8834.

If you are a label user and wish to purchase MACtac sheet-fed label product please call MACtac customer service and they will provide you with a list of paper merchants in your area.

fold faq What are the standard lead times for MACtac sheet-fed label products?

Stock cartons ship same day. Please contact customer service at 800-321-8834 for lead times on custom products.

fold faq I need technical support for MACtac sheet-fed label products, who do I call?

MACtac sheet-fed label technical support can be reached at 800-321-8834. Technical support is available from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Eastern, Monday - Friday.

fold faq How do I order samples

Click here to download the sample request form. Please allow 3-5 days for your sample request to be processed and shipped. You can also order a sample by phoning customer service at 800-321-8834.